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The Spanish company Fal Calzados de Seguridad exhibits at Sicur Latin America (Chile)

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Fal Calzados de Seguridad exhibits at Salón Internacional de la Seguridad –Sicur Lationoamérica- held from 3 to 5 April in Chile. The company of La Rioja presents the latest catalogues of safety shoes and corporate uniformity, security and emergency forces.

The policy of Fal Seguridad is based on offering quality products with guaranteed safety, and on the wish to improve the design and performance of their models. The aim is to offer the latest advances and technologies of footwear for professional use in all sectors, especially those most at risk for the worker: emergency, police, firefighting, construction, siderurgy, public works, automotive, etc.

Boots for firefighters
Among the novelties, Fal highlights the firemen boots Magma, Fénix Boa and Fénix Boa Plus, specially designed for firefighting and that represent a new dimension in this demanding offer segment due to its technical and design innovations. Maximum strength and ergonomics are hallmarks of these boots that are at the forefront of labour safety for the firefighter.
All three models are designed according to European standard EN ISO 15090, with codes HI3 + SRC + CI + AN (F2A). The features of the new Magma boots are:
-Nonmetallic safety toecap, lightweight, Vincap, able to withstand an impact of 200 joules, equivalent to the vertical drop of a mass of 20 kg from a meter high, and a compression of 15kN.
Anti-perforating nonmetal insole combining strength with lightness, flexibility and comfort.
-Gore-Tex® lining.
-Antistatic properties to dissipate static electric charges.
-Outer part in high quality and repellent leather.
-It includes reflective fireproof for visibility.
-Plastic ankle against deformation.
-Seams made of fire resistant anti-cut Kevlar thread.
-Areas of flexion front and rear made up with high strength material.  The flexion zone in the front is very wide to enhance the ergonomics of the boot.
-Bicolor outsole in nitrile rubber with polyurethane midsole that absorbs shocks, providing more comfort and insulation from the cold. It meets the requirements of the Firefighting Regulations 15090 regarding with high strength in areas with thermal hazards.
-It has got ridges on the outsole for quick removal of the boot.
-Equipped with fireproof rubber grips or leather handles to ease the operation of putting on the boots.
-Toecap protector in rubber with inserts.

Top range offer
In addition to the line of Firefighters, Fal Calzados de Seguridad is showing in Sicur Latin America its range of high-end, which includes a line designed especially for mining. It equips rubber outsoles designed both to withstand contact with fats, oils and hydrocarbons and to resist the proximity of severe heat sources. In addition they feature a protective nonmetallic Vincap toecap and nonmetallic anti-perforating insole.
This selected segment of the offer also includes the Vincap and the Gore-Tex lines. It should be highlighted that the firm from La Rioja was the first Spanish company to get the Gore-Tex® license for all its products. The collaboration of Fal and Gore-Tex, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of waterproof and breathable membranes, has resulted in a line of professional footwear that combines high performance and climate comfort for workers who perform their activity in extreme weather conditions.

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