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Medop launches the first novelties of 2013

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Medop, Spanish manufacturer of personal protective equipment, has launched in the month of February two major additions to its range of respiratory protection. The first one, under the name “Futura”, is the commitment of the brand to enhance its top range of half masks. The R & D team of Medop has developed a product that distinguishes itself by its body of liquid silicone, the softer and more comfortable material in the market. The purpose is to address one of the basic demands of workers who need this type of protection: comfort.

Odorless and with a high visibility harness, the Futura model is characterized by its easy placing and removing of the half mask face piece, which was another of the key points that Medop wanted to work out with the new design. This point has been overcome by enabling a quick fastening buckle, which allows half mask to be pre-placed on the neck before uploading to their position in the face in the fastest and most convenient way. The design of the head piece, which is self-developed, seeks to provide the most ergonomic gripping of the half mask on the head.
As for the functional aspect, the highlight is the dramatic improvement in breathing. The resistance has been reduced thanks to the exhalation valve and the two inhalation filters, with bayonet closure, that in addition to ease breathing, have been located in such way as to allow the maximum possible visual field to the user.
The Futura half mask, available in sizes M and L, is released with a wide variety of bayonet filters: A1, B1, E1, K1, AB1, ABE1, ABEK1, P3R, and with a new range of PAD combined filters: A1P2R, B1P2R, E1P2R, K1P2R, AB1P2R, ABE1P2R, ABEK1P2R.

New PAD combined filters reduce its volume and weight while maintaining the same level of protection, with a wider vision field

PAD filters, another big launch
The second big novelty of Medop for the beginning of 2013 is a development that benefits all families of filters, both traditional as the ones carrying bayonet. New PAD combined filters reduce its volume and weight while maintaining the same level of protection. They are 30% lighter, with a volume reduction of almost 50%, which allows the worker to have a wider vision field, and more importantly, if possible, a weight reduction of the respiratory protective equipment. As the other products in the Medop catalogue, PAD filters are certified to CE standard EN 14387.

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