martes, 21 de junio de 2011

Rodas, versatile line of Mendi

Rodas, one of the latest exclusivities from Francisco Mendi, with its current five models, completes a comprehensive range of safety footwear. The different developments of the line Rhodes are versatile and can therefore be used in any work environment. They are characterized by their contemporary design, latest technological materials and top quality, new developed outsoles offering high performance, lightweight, comfort and ergonomics. Mendi classicism is recovered in the way to name this range: 'Aeneas', 'Arion', 'Mars', 'Minerva' and 'Rea'.
Among the technological advantages of the Roda range are:
-Dual density PU-outsole. It features a TPU insert built-in in the shank area that avoids the torsion risk of the foot. It also provides a high anti slip coefficient (SRC certification), high resistance to tearing and abrasion, and thermal insulation. It has shock absorption in the heel area and anatomical arch in the shank area, which improves the flexibility of the foot.
-Thermo-formed insole, which is anti-bacterial, anti-static, made with ethyl-vinyl-acetate (EVA) of low density, and lined with comfortable and highly breathable fabric, which provides thermal comfort to footwear.
-Anti-perforation lightweight insole. Made of high-performance woven fiber, it stops the penetration of sharp objects, nails, glass, etc. Its low weight contributes to the lightness and flexibility of the footwear.
-Thermo-polymeric toecap. 200 Joules resistant, it weighs much less than traditional metal ones, resulting in greater comfort and safety.
Certified EN ISO 20345:2007, this footwear features high quality grain leather (waterproof), with 3D lining (breathable and anti-abrasive), waterproof Cordura and extra-wide last, elements that provide comfort. We emphasize the model 'Aeneas'. Ref 544W (S3 + CI + SRC). It’s made of embossed grain leather, with reflective material to enhance visibility of the user.