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New Bollé Safety catalogue of prescription eyewear

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Bollé Safety has published the new catalogue Prescription, which contains a large choice of glasses for a protection to suit every user.
Highlighting the motto: “It is essential to take care of your eyes” (with the characters printed in different sizes as test characters used in optical assessments) the Bollé Safety Prescription Catalogue shows information about the anatomy of the eye. At this point, it reminds that the pupil (by regulating the amount of visible light) and the lens (by focusing the light rays) make it possible to form an image on the retina.

The introductory information also explains how we see, the types of corrective lenses, as well as the lenses materials used by Bollé Safety (toughened glass, CR39 and polycarbonate).
The firm has revamped its website in Spanish (www.bolle-safety.es), which offers more intuitive navigation and ergonomics designed for the user, who can discover the latest news and download with just a few clicks products helping communication (data sheets, catalogues...). The link to the catalogue online is http://www.bolle-safety.es/catalogos

Eyewear protection for everyone
·Rush, Twilight technology
Available exclusively in Twilight version, this panoramic and lightweight model provides a perfect optical quality, permanent comfort, modern design and superior protection. With non-slip adjustable nose bridge, and slip resistant temples.
Twilight new technology has the advantages of dual anti-fog finish (inside and outside) of the screen, which prevents fogging in extreme conditions. Designed for low light conditions, it also enhances contrast. Its transmission rate is ideal for outdoor work, especially at sunrise and sunsets. B-Twilight filters 76% of blue light.
·Universal, protection for all
These wrap-around glasses fit all body types due to its B-Flex nasal bridge and its swivel temples (bi-material straight temples).The B-Flex revolutionary technology offers unique flexibility. Lightweight, flexible and completely malleable, the B-Flex nasal bridge is adjusted in all directions and fits perfectly to all body types thanks to the material which has got “memory” to retrieve previous settings.
·Slam HiVis: night work and safety
Its design and features are ideal for evening activities. The reflective temples (High Visibility) allow the user to be detected in the dark and work safely. It offers a panoramic view with an ultra-bound design.
·Atodepsi: the ultra-compact one
Compact, lightweight and extremely comfortable thanks to its adjustable mount TPR, it offers greater protection. It can be used as panoramic goggle or face shield. It is distinguished by its thermoplastic rubber (TPR), overflow channel for liquid, rotating swivel, and adjustable strap. It supports simultaneous use of corrective glasses.
Equalizer is a panoramic system with excellent results in the fight against fogging. Thanks to its double screen and regulation tablet, the humidity inside the mask is filtered and regulated.
·Voodoo, protective design
Glasses equipped with side shields, anti-slip nose bridge, TipGrip temples resistant to slip.
Because of its Polarized technology, suitable for a permanent use, and certified with perfect optical quality, Voodoo offers unparalleled comfort by filtering the reverberation and reflections. It’s ideal for the marine environment. B-Polarized filters 99.99% of UVA / UVB. Other developments in the catalogue are the references: Overlight (new generation of over-glasses), Hustler (model similar to Voodoo) and Fusion (automatic welding screen with 4 independent sensors).

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