lunes, 29 de diciembre de 2014

Fukushima hires “kamikaze clean-up workers”

The plot is always the same: a company -community or lobby- perceives a threat to its interests and, as a defensive response, resorts to hush up the matter in a clear example of obscurantism most of the times. It is as if denying-hiding the extent of a problem, and distracting the international public opinion, the problem would solve in the ocean. But problems do not usually get solved spontaneously, rather the opposite they get worse when there are no clear and rapid actions to stop them.
This initial assertion may be applied to the Fukushima ‘affaire’. In recent days we have known more about the aforementioned nuclear soap-opera of bitter flavour: the power plant –or its intermediaries- is hiring beggars to transform them into kamikaze-cleaners of the radioactive contamination that was released (is released or will be released) by the nuclear plant.
Once again the story gets repeated. The unfortunate poor cleaners will perform as liquidators who, liquidating and liquidating the radioactive poison immanent in the area, will run their own liquidation by a stingy bunch of yens. While there are needy, misinformed or simply naïve people, bad managers will always find fresh cannon fodder to minimize the scope of their incompetence dyed of selfishness and disregard for the lives of others.

A few hot meals
The land of the rising sun is not free from ghettos of poverty with its inevitable legions of homeless. The inventors of the Just-In-Time (JIT) have discovered among their local poor the logistics solution to their problems. That’s taking advantage of resources, at bargain prices, just in time!
The Fukushima kamikaze-cleaners will earn less than 80 euros a day for their reckless ‘performance’, and will have to bear the expenses of their food and lodgment. Scarce economic profit for such an unusual risk! For a period of time which cannot be determined this new batch of liquidators in liquidation in the purest Chernobyl-style will be able, at least, to eat hot. Some of them even will behave as grateful stomachs as they found the ‘exit’ to their hardship. But the vast majority –we fear- will die victim of that modern pestilence industrially discovered by Madame Curie.

While there are needy, misinformed or simply naïve people, bad managers will always find fresh cannon fodder to minimize the scope of their incompetence

The cesium in water... and CSR only as a showcase
Fukushima’s errors leaking will not be completely known because concealment is the norm. So we will not know neither the number, nor the extent and propagation medium of the leaks. Nevertheless, there are evidences that are hard to ignore: cesium 137 continues its unstoppable trip to the American continental coasts. On its way and final destination it will alter the biology of living beings –to say it euphemistically- in the large ‘kitchen-garden’ of the future that is the sea.
Perhaps the future evolution of the planet will be mutagenesis of species, including humans? It is not a remote likelihood, since we feed from the others… and bio-accumulate the toxins that we ingest.
CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a policy that looks great on companies’ memorandum reports or their websites where they release their achievements. However, it is a policy hard to implement coherently, especially when companies have to deal with any crisis. 
Tepco, operator of Fukushima, is offering its grotesque reinterpretation of what is its responsibility’s feeling (RSC) towards the world.

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